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  • A Thermal Spa Journey in Newcastle
  • A Thermal Spa Journey in Newcastle
  • A Thermal Spa Journey in Newcastle
  • A Thermal Spa Journey in Newcastle

A Thermal Spa Journey in Newcastle

Feeling stressed and in need of serious ME time? Head on down to Newcastle where HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts member Matfen Hall just recently finished a full refurbishment and upgrade to its leisure and Spa facilities. With this major upgrade guests at the hotel can now indulge in a completely new and reinvigorating thermal Spa journey. Here is the gist of what you can expect in 6 easy stages:

  • Aromatherapy Room

Similar to a steam room, tiled and single-tier seating heated to around 38°C, with mood lighting and infused with aromatherapy essences. This room is the perfect starting point on your thermal journey as it relaxes your muscles and eases the tired mind.

  • Steam Room

    Time to steam! This is a tiled room with bench seating heated to around 45°C with 100% humidity. Mood lighting and essence are incorporated to enhance your experience. The high humidity and relatively low temperature of the steam room are perceived as giving a ‘soft heat’ that is often preferred by users who are less comfortable with the high temperature of a traditional sauna.

  • Sauna

    The sauna is your typical timber room with wooden bench seating, heated around 85°C with relatively low humidity and lighting giving a warm amber glow. This dry heat is intense and first time users are advised to gradually warm the body using the other heat suites first.

  • Ice cold Bucket shower

    Now this is where your treatment starts to get… well, chilly! This feature shower is designed to cool the body temperature or remove perspiration following the use of the thermal cabins. It delivers a huge drop of water in seconds to cool and invigorate the body. Ouch!

  • Monsoon shower

    This shower is a multi-headed system with a choice of temperatures and water patterns. Designed for pre and post use of the thermal suite, cools your body temperature and remove perspiration.

  • Ice Fountain

    Nothing says chill-time quite like this Ice Fountain! Following your heat experience crushed ice gets rubbed directly onto your skin, which will cool your body and force your pores to close and toxins to be expelled. Magical!

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