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  • Where to Go in March
  • Where to Go in March
  • Where to Go in March
  • Where to Go in March
  • Where to Go in March

Where to Go in March

Spring is not yet in full swing, making March the perfect time to head out into the world before the crowds arrive. This month, make the most of national days in Ireland and Wales, European cities bereft of tourists, and the flora and fauna of early spring slowly blooming into life.

Best to beat the crowds

Where to go in March_Ravenna

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rebellious. Artistic. Authentic. Among European capitals, Amsterdam is still the last word in cool. It’s wildly popular, so March is the perfect time to wander its tree-lined streets, peruse fine art in world-renowned galleries, or drink a pint of Dutch lager in a canal-side bar or café. You’re not likely to find a city bereft of tourists, but navigating will be much easier; a good idea would be hire a bike and live like the locals do, cycling between destinations. A particular highlights is the Rijksmuseum, home to work by the country’s finest artists, from Johannes Vermeer to Rembrandt. Although the city’s relaxed culture makes it perfect for young people, there’s plenty to enjoy for people of all ages.

Ravenna & Rimini, Italy

For mild weather and small crowds, you can’t do much better than Ravenna and Rimini in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. For all the bliss of pristine beaches, historic architecture and fine food without the thronging masses, March is the ideal time to visit. These cities’ selling point is their history. Ravenna was very briefly the capital of the Roman Empire, and a lot of the heritage from that period survives to this day, most notably the superb mosaics that decorate some of its churches. Fashioned from tiny chips of marble, coloured stone and glass, the finest can be found in the late fifth-century Basilica of San Apollinare Nuovo and the Basilica of San Vitale. 70km to the north in Rimini, you’ll find relics of an even earlier time in Rimini in the form of the triumphal arch of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, and the Bridge of Tiberius, dedicated to the second.

Best for spring nature

Where to Go in March_Norfolk Norwich

Norfolk, UK

Watch the flora and fauna of early spring burst into life in the Norfolk Broads, England’s largest protected wetland. Spreading out over the famously flat countryside between the city of Norwich and the coast, the Broads are a winding network of 125 miles of navigable pools, lakes and rivers, best explored by traditional sailing boat or the Broads motor cruisers. There, you’ll find a wealth of birdlife, from coots to cranes to cormorants. Back on dry land, there are plenty of pretty English villages, market towns and waterside pubs to keep you entertained. Norwich, far from the banal home of Alan Partridge, is a thriving city with a tantalising blend of history and modernity, with a flourishing arts, music and cultural scene. On the beautiful East Anglian coast you’ll find famous holiday destinations like Great Yarmouth, as well as quaint and quiet seaside towns like Wells-next-the-Sea.

Crete, Greece

Crete is known for its gorgeous beaches, fun party towns and ancient Minoan ruins. March is the perfect time to do something a little different. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, this is one of the best months to witness an explosion of wildflowers up in the Cretan mountains, including some extremely rare species of orchid. Blues skies and mild weather will greet you at this time of year, but the mountain climate is notoriously capricious, so make sure you’re armed with warm clothing, rain coats and walking boots! After a pleasant hike in the hills, you can return to sea level and find some tasty Cretan food – particularly the sublime Greek yoghurt served with fresh mountain honey.

Best for national days

Where to go in March_Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

There’s nothing so emblematic of Ireland as St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrated on March <sup17th all over the world by the Irish diaspora, the best and most authentic is in Dublin itself. Here, the party truly reaches its peak, with live music, street performances, food markets, walking tours, fun fairs and a huge parade full of noise and colour. People come to visit from all over the world, and this multicultural atmosphere has transformed the parade into something much bigger, with global flavour meeting the imperturbable Irishness of the festival. It’s a fantastic occasion for families to visit Dublin, as there are plenty of fun and free activities all over the city. Don’t miss the Festival Céilí the day before, which celebrates traditional Irish dancing and music.


Many people forget that Wales has its own patron saint too. St. David’s Day, celebrated every year on the March 1st, may not be a public holiday, but it’s still as good an excuse as any to visit the country. It has become a symbol of Welsh national pride, and at the parade held in Cardiff every year you’ll see people dressed in red shawls, wearing green leeks and yellow daffodils as accessories. There’ll be performances from giant dragons, theatrical groups and Welsh musical legends like Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey, all splashed with vibrant reds and yellows and accompanied by the dragon flag of Wales, and the yellow-cross-on-black of Saint David. To find out more about the best things to do in Wales, check out our recent blog post.

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Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna – Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Cromer with reflections – Image by Steph Gray via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
St Patrick’s day 2015, Dublin, Ireland – Image by Giuseppe Milo via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)
20160320-_DSC2782 – Image by Michael Vasilakis via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
St Patrick’s day 2015, Dublin, Ireland – Image by Giuseppe Milo via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Rijksmuseum – Image by Frans de Witt via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Bittern – Image by Joe Garbutt via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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